Types of Wine Glasses

30 Apr

A lot of people are not aware of it, but there are 4 basic types of wine glasses available in the market, and these include red, white, sparkling and dessert wine glasses.  In this article, you will also learn about the components of a typical wine glass, its shapes and sizes, and the materials used to make them.

Components of a Typical Wine Glass

wineglassAlmost all wine glasses are composed of a bowl, stem, and a base.  The bowl functions as the containment area of the wine and its size and shape vary depending on what kind of wine is being consumed.  The stem part lets you hold the wine glass without transferring the heat from your hands to the bowl that can warm up your wine, and it can also prevent you from putting smudges on the bowl which can potentially ruin the aspect of visual enjoyment of your wine.  Apparently, the base is responsible for letting the glass to stand upright.

Nowadays, there is an exception that has become quite popular for modern wine drinkers, and that is called the new stemless wine glass.

Wine Glass – Shapes and Sizes

Each and every wine glass will appear to have a slightly different shape, and this depends on the kind of wine that the glass will be used for.  All suitable wine glasses are shaped in such a way that would lead the wine to the area of your mouth where its flavor will be most appreciated.  The bowls of every wine glass is tapered upward with a small narrow opening at the top rather than at the bottom.  This bowl shape functions to capture and distribute the aroma of the wine towards your mouth and nose.

In all types of wine glasses, including red and white, the bowl has to be big enough so that you can swirl your wine, thereby getting it to have more air and letting its aromas to be released.  The act of swirling your wine is not just done to display arrogance or just because you are a connoisseur; swirling wine does actually serve a very significant purpose.

Ideal Materials for a Wine Glass

To really appreciate the texture and color of your wine, you must buy wine glasses that are clear and smooth.  The color of your wine, how the light affects your wine, and the “legs” of your wine are some of the things that are taken into consideration in order to evaluate and fully enjoy your wine.

For most people, the best and most practical wine glass is made with thin glass or crystal.  Crystal or a glass similar to it, such as blown glass, is more preferable due to the fact that they are very thin.  This is because thicker glass is believed to significantly affect the taste of your wine and it creates a bigger lip, which makes it quite difficult to sip your wine properly.

Types of Wine Glasses

  • Red Wine Glass – The bowl is fuller and rounder with a big opening to let you “dip” your nose into the glass and help you smell the aroma.  The complex flavors and aromas of red wine call for a glass that has a bigger surface area, so the wine would be getting in more air in it.
  • White Wine Glass – The bowl is U-shaped and upright, which lets the aromas to be released without warming up the wine.
  • Sparkling Wine Glass – It is also called flute.  It is upright and narrower in order to retain the carbonation as well as capture the flavor of the wine.
  • Dessert Wine Glass – It is smaller and leads the wine to the back of the mouth so the sweetness of the wine will not overwhelm you.  Dessert wines typically possess a much higher alcohol content, which makes a small glass absolutely perfect for smaller servings.

You can learn more about wine glass if you go there now.


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